viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

CHRISTMAS TIME! Glaedelig Jul og Godt Nytaar!

These days are really "crazy days"... traffic jam every day, working even more to get ready for the new year's coming... shopping christmas's presents.... going from one place to another.... special lunch with our colleagues and friends and family... everything... but relax...... I wanted to prepare a special video to say to everyone.... Hey! Merry Christmas! And Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Yes.... Healthy.... without influenza or whatever... this is the main, don't you think? Well, to be sincere.... I couldn't prepare the video... but because I love Christmas time... I wanted at least to prepare my own Christmas card to say.... (in danish) Glaedelig Jul og Godt Nytaar! .... (in english) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ..... (in spanish) ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

From all my heart I wish you all the best! Please, be Happy! Please share with those who has less than you! Please be a good person! Please take care about those who needs you! And please be healthy and get the best time of your life! :) I send you a hug and a Smile! :)

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  1. I lige måde :)


  2. Hola guapisima! Gracias por tus bonitos deseos para mi. Yo tambien te deseo una feli
    ces fiestas y que el proximo año cumplas tus sueños. Permitir Gracias por que tu blog sea parte y de tu vida virtual.

    Un abrazo para una española de nacimiento y danesa de corazon.