lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

BAELO CLAUDIA -Roman ruins in Bolonia (Cadiz) Spain

In the southern Spain there is a quite wonderful place named Bolonia beach, in the town of Tarifa. Beside such an spectacular location, you can find "BAELO CLAUDIA", an ancient Roman town. Although it was a city very prosperous at the time of Emperor Claudius, it went into a decline hastened by earthquakes, and it was abandonaded around the 6th century. Here you can see what is still there.... fly to that age and to that place.... and let your soul be your pilot, as STING said in the song on it....

domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

DOLPHINES & SUNSET in Tarifa (Cadiz) Spain

This video is dedicated to 3 Ms. If you want to watch the dolphines in the south of Spain, I recommend you to go to Tarifa (the most meridional point in Europe) where the Mediterranean sea meet the Atlantic Ocean in one point. There are some excursions by Turmares company ( also available in english :) I hope you will enjoy this!

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009



(english - español)

INGREDIENTS: (12 people can enjoy!) Para 12 personas

  • 5 eggs. / 5 huevos

  • 1 kg. Apples (golden delicious) + 1 extra apple for decoration. / 1 kg de manzanas tipo golden y una manzana extra para la decoración.

  • 220 gr sugar./ 220 gr de azúcar.

  • 1 teaspoon of vainilla’s sugar. / 1 cucharilla de azúcar de vainilla.

  • 50 gr pine nuts (optional)./ 50 gr de piñones (opcional)

  • Grated 1 lemon rind (optional). / Piel rallada de limón (opcional)

  • 300 gr wheat flavour. / 300 gr de harina de trigo (o 3 vasitos de yogur)

  • 125 cl olive oil (if you mix 50% sunflower oil with 50% olive oil is much better)./ 1 vaso de aceite (se puede medir con el vaso de yogur Danone).

  • 125 gr yogurt (lemon or vanilla)./ 1 yogur de limón o vainilla principalmente.

  • 16 gr baking powder./ 1 sobre de levadura en polvo Royal.

  • Some butter or margarine + some little wheat flavour to cover the baking tin./ Un poco de mantequilla o margarina y un poco de harina para untar el molde y evitar que se pegue la tarta (lo aprendí de Carlos Arguiñano ;)

  • Peach marmalade (for decoration)./ Mermelada de melocotón para decorar.


  1. Chop 1 kg apples into little pieces (without skin and heart) and put in a big bowl./ Trocear 1 kg de manzana (no importa la forma porque las pasaremos por la batidora).
  2. To those apples cut into pieces, add 5 eggs, pine nuts, grated lemon rind, yogurt./ Añadir los huevos, piñones, la piel del limón y el yogur.
  3. Prepare a puree with all of those ingredients with the electric mixer. / Preparar con todos esos ingredientes un puré con la batidora hasta que no queden trocitos.
  4. Then add in the following order and keep moving with a hand mixer: sugar, vanilla sugar, wheat flavour, baking powder, olive oil. / Añadir los siguientes ingredientes (es importante el orden, porque de ello depende luego la altura de la tarta): azúcar, azúcar de vainilla, harina, levadura y aceite.
  5. Then put the oven at 180 degrees to warm it meanwhile you are putting some butter (or margarine) over a baking tin / crystal (round) about 26 cm. After the butter is recommended also to add some little wheat flavour and cover it (throwing out the part not added to the baking tin./ Poner el horno a 180 grados mientras se prepara el molde (de cristal o metal, sobre 26 cm de diámetro) untado de mantequilla y espolvoreado con harina.
  6. Add all the mixture to the baking tin./ Añadir la masa al molde.
  7. Cut the extra apple in the way you can see in the picture over the apple cake (heart shape). Then put some extra sugar over all the apples at the top./ Cortar la manzana extra (una que sea grande) in la forma que ves en la foto y espolvorear sobre la manzana con azúcar.
  8. Get into the oven, in the middle level, and let it cook at 180 degrees for 60 minutes (don’t open the oven until the final minutes if you want to check how it is going ;) / Introducir en el horno, a altura media, cocinar a 180 minutos, sobre 60 minutos (eso dependerá del horno, a veces necesita un poco mas).
  9. When it is finished, let it out around 10 or 15 minutes to get it cold and put over a dish./ Cuando esté terminada, dejar enfriar y colocar sobre un plato.
  10. Then add the peach marmalade as decoration./Añadir la mermelada de melocotón.
  11. BON APETIT!!! Buen provecho!!!

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

AALBORG (DANMARK) Country side...

Here you can watch a lovely place.... Aalborg, in the north part of Denmark... surrounded by a huge wonderful countryside where everyone could love give a walk before the sunset... I wish I could be there right now! I am missing a lot to be there.... with the marvellous swans!! Once again you will listen to the voice that I adore: SUSSIE NIELSEN, in danish... a big heart and an angel voice! Enjoy it!!


ART is an state of mind full of peace and love, feelings that left in you a shape... ART is the expresion of the world ... is an open window to the Real Life... Art can be seen, listened, tasted or touched... Here you can see a video with some piece of what I call ART: the paintings from Evaristo Peña, Catalina Trigos, Julio Romero de Torres, Gustav Klimt, Boticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Murillo, etc., marvellous paintings surrounded by an spectacular song from SUSSIE NIELSEN called "Til en Levende" that means "To a Living", from her CD "Pigens Morgen". I wish you to enjoy it, and if it's true, please let me know it...

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

SUSSIE NIELSEN - Wonderful music from Denmark

Sussie Nielsen (b. 1975 in Copenhagen) is a Danish folk singer, who has specialized in singing Scottish and Irish folk songs. Her voice is soprano.

This is what Wikipedia begins to say about Sussie Nielsen, but I can tell you that she is a wonderful person and One of the Best Voices I've ever heard! She made music inspired by several famous poetries, Danish writers and she got an Award in the year 2008 with the CD "Pigens Morgen". If you want to know more about this lovely person and her wonderful music, please watch and listen carefully my tribute to this woman in the next video and don't forget to visit her web sites:

And now, with love for her music... dedicated to her... this video with photos of a great, great city I have in my heart: Aalborg (Denmark). I wish you will enjoy this!