jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

SUSSIE NIELSEN - Wonderful music from Denmark

Sussie Nielsen (b. 1975 in Copenhagen) is a Danish folk singer, who has specialized in singing Scottish and Irish folk songs. Her voice is soprano.

This is what Wikipedia begins to say about Sussie Nielsen, but I can tell you that she is a wonderful person and One of the Best Voices I've ever heard! She made music inspired by several famous poetries, Danish writers and she got an Award in the year 2008 with the CD "Pigens Morgen". If you want to know more about this lovely person and her wonderful music, please watch and listen carefully my tribute to this woman in the next video and don't forget to visit her web sites:



And now, with love for her music... dedicated to her... this video with photos of a great, great city I have in my heart: Aalborg (Denmark). I wish you will enjoy this!

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  1. Anónimo4/9/09 0:00

    Dear Glauka: Thanks you so much for let me know about this singer. I did nothing about her and her voice is really wondeful, in some aspects similar to "Fado" singers I think. Do you?

    I will have a look tomorrow for more information about Sussie Nielsen and I will see also the video, now I´m really tired.

    Thanks again and my best wishes to you from the south of Spain, finally more "fresquito" only 35 degrees. Take care and have a nice week.

  2. Thanks a lot my dear Jose! You are lovely! I agree with you: Sussie Nielsen has a voice that it is absolutely wonderful!!! This song in particular it is very similar... as you said to Fado singers... I think that if Sussie love this first video I've made... I will work more on this and then I will upload more videos with other lovely songs from her CDs. If you want more information about her music, you also can let me know at ivpernia@gmail.com :)

    Anyway I will try next time to look for the way in Youtube to get a high quality of the sound, this is my first time and the sound it was a little bit different from the lovely Sussie's CD.

    Here these days also is more fresh, so thanks to God we can have a rest!!! :)

    I also love your blog! I use to read it and follow it! You have a really great sense of humor ;)

    Kisses and thank you so much again for your very nice comments Jose! Keep in touch!

    Have a very nice weekend and take care my friend!

  3. Que voz mas bonita!! Me gustaria que contaras por que te gusta tanto Dinamarca. Yo soy una apasionada de Noruega. España es mi amado esposo, Noruega es mi amante apasionado.
      Un besazo y un abrazo de Oso

  4. Gracias por tu comentario sobre mi poema "Te echo de menos". Me he hecho seguidor de tu blog. Un abrazo.

  5. Gracias por tu comentario sobre mi poema "Te echo de menos". Me he hecho seguidor de tu blog. Un abrazo.

  6. Gracias a ti, también tu tienes un blog muy bonito y lleno de bella poesía. Seguiré tu blog en busca de más poemas.... Para mí la poesía es como contemplar flores.... Siempre hay alguna o muchas que te sorprenden y te llenan. Abrazos.

  7. Desde luego que la muchacha canta música folclórica pero de otro país, porque la de este país no podría estar más lejos de lo que ella canta, aunque lo haga en danés. Os aseguro a todos que esto es mejor :-D