lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Came back from vacation! Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Spain

Came back! Well... now I am ready for more.... I've been in many places.... and I've been keeping many treasures inside... sometimes a "photo".... sometimes a song.... other times.... just a look...
I would like to share all of these with you.... and what if you tell me how was your vacation?
The following photos are from the North Denmark... a paradise..... named Skagen! where two seas meet and the Sun has a special light.....
I've been travelling around the North part of Denmark, Goteborg, Stockholm, Aland (Finland), and Segovia (Spain)... little by little I will drop here some videos and photos. Please feel wellcome to tell me about your vacation :)

5 comentarios:

  1. The photo taken in Denmark brought back memories of my trip there. And I also went to Visby in Sweden, beautiful place! But there's no place quite like home, Castelldefels! ;)

  2. Aunque en ingles no he entendido un pimiento, las fotos me parecen preciosas, han debido ser unas vacaciones estupendas. Saludos desde Sevilla!! ;)

  3. Great pics! And Abba sounds good even today, hope you did enjoy your trip.

    Receive a big hug and warm regards, Hector

  4. Has esquivado el calor estival de nuestra Andalucía estupendamente...

  5. Has esquivado el calor estival de nuestra tierra estupendamente